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(USS Odyssey - Bridge - 2391.03.28, 1122)

Edward was simply sitting in the chair. *his* chair.. the Captain's Chair. From this chair, he could see everything that was happening. Even if he had to turn this chair a bit... He could see the OPS, working hard to make sure power was running where it was supposed to be running. He could see the STC working on a way to improve the shields. The CONN was here too, making sure they stayed on their course. And of course, there was the CSO, working on a way to enhance the sensors. The CMO and the COUNS weren't here... they were doing their jobs in Sickbay, and the counselling office.

Right next to Edward, sat the First Officer. "I would have expected more from this trip.." he said to Edward.

The CO smiled. "Well, we know for a fact of course, that..."

Edward couldn't finish his sentence. He was interrupted... by all the lights on the bridge diminishing, and eventually, the bridge was dark. Totally dark. "Emergency lights!" Edward shouted.

He didn't have to wait long for those lights to come online. When everything could finally be seen again, Edward turned towards the viewscreen... and was surprised by what he saw there. The screen was filled with what seemed like a nebula. "Science?" Edward asked immediately. "What is that on screen?"

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"I see." Edward said, scratching his head. "OPS, where are we, actually? What happened? The last thing I know, we weren't going towards a nebula, were we?"

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"Helm, get us out of here." Edward now said, sitting back in the Captain's chair. "Maximum warp... Tactical, see if you can get the shields up..."

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