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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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^ They do what Beverly did in TNG's pilot. They put it on their account. All transfers are electronic and automatic. After a long enough period of time doing that, they stop thinking of it as money.
That would have been fine, except for later on when they started adding some serious statements that humans don't use money anymore.

Still even now, electronic transfers are still called money.

I gathered that Starfleet officers get paid in credits and that is specifically used as currency off planet.

If that's the case, then the credits aren't used on earth--and humans on earth don't get paid in any currency.

Jake: I sold my first book today.
Quark: Really? How much did you get for it?

Jake: It's just a figure of speech. The Federation News Service is going to publish a book of my stories about life on the station under Dominion rule.

Quark: And they're not paying you?
Jakev Sisko: No.
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... but last time I checked Trek has rarely played the identity politics game but rather tried to be universally progressive.
Regardless of any "identity politics," Star Trek had absolutely no problem depicting various characters as heterosexual, and considerable problem openly showing otherwise.
Its usually the lack of clear examples of what 24th century human culture is like that starts these debates.

We do get 'humanity has overcome all their prejudices" statements from Trek, but that is a bit vague.

Remember the episode where Beverly Crusher rejected her former lover because he now possessed a female body.

Trek basically says that 100% of humanity are open minded, non prejudiced and accepting. So you wonder what was behind her rejection.

Can 24th century humans have preferences and ethnic identities, and yet still be open minded?

Who knows, if we don't get specific inside look at the society.
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