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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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I don't quite agree with that assessment, though I never did understand why he wanted to re-do high school.
Young clone Jack asked Orig Jack that question, "Didn't you ever want to go back and do it all over knowing what you know now?"
Orig Jack says, "No".

To me this is perhaps the first indication that clone Jack is beginning to think as a unique person with new thoughts vs during the episode he had continued to behave as Orig Jack.

Clone Jack now realizes he needs to find a way to stand apart and by doing high school, even with the advantage he has, he'll redefine himself as a unique individual.

That was what I took from the exchange in the truck at episode end.

It was a bit too convenient that a group of girls instantly started taking to him, but whatever.
I always interpreted clone Jack's question as impossible for older original Jack to properly answer.

Its fairly obvious from the get go that even if Clone Jack doesnt wind up dead by the end he wont be able to remain a part of the stargate program. He has all of the memories, military knowledge and experience of older Jack but he's physically too young for anyone to accept him having the same rank and level of respect accorded to older Jack. If it was scientific expertise they could handwave it because you do get prodigies in real life who get university qualifications in their early teens but its military knowledge that young Jack has and that cant be handwaved in the same way. He would have to start from the lowest level and earn his way back up through the ranks once he was old enough to enlist.

This means that young clone Jack has to consider his future away form the military/stargate program and what its going to be and realises that he is in a unique position where he can go back and do it over if he wants.

Older Jack isnt in that position. He was the first choice for the stargate program presicely because of his knowledge and experience and therefore has never had to sit down and seriously consider what he would want to do if denied a place in not only the stargate program but the military as a whole. His answer to young Jacks question is no simply because the possibility of going back and doing it over differently has never occurred to him.

That said young Jack doesnt really get much choice about going back and doing it over. His options are limited as he cant be part of stargate command or the military but has too much knowledge of the stargate program to be let loose completely and obviously is not a normal teenager. I always got the impression that young Jack was gonna try a different route than military maybe put that intelligence that older Jack likes to pretend is nonexistent to proper use.

It would have been awesome if he married Cassandra rejoined the military and ended up running the stargate program once he had reached a suitable rank. Either that or he does military service for a bit then goes into politics and becomes that guy on the other side of the red phone :P
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