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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

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...after watching the scene again, I see no reason why the various scenes can't co-exist
I'm not sure what you mean by "co-exist".
I simply meant that the sets could appear in reality for our heroes, rather than relying on "shock flashbacks etc. In my opinion, these sort of get-out clauses should be avoided whenever possible (however useful they might be!)

I also had in mind that this particular office might be completely separate from McCoy's usual one - this is the room attached to his sleeping quarters (in other words, his personal private PERSONAL office). As promised, here is one possible setup of my theory (still a work in progress):

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4. Nomad moves forward and left, establishing the corridor to be of "S" shape design (however slightly). Spock watches Nomad hover slowly away.
4. Here, I have to disagree. Nomad might make a swing in the corridor but he is moving clockwise according to flopped shot (which I believe to be intentional). If this scene takes place next to the isolation bedroom 5R 671 (TI) there'd be no need to illustrate an S-shaped corridor (again, the atmospheric panel Spock works is the same one near McCoy's and the tri-ladder in AT, possibly indicating where the DP wanted this scene to take place and the camera movement in TI never reveals this corridor side's part that'd be necessary to locate 5R 672 here)
As my diagram above illustrates, a slight wavering of the circular corridor need not be a serious problem. After all, the Season 1 set had just such a twist at one end (again, near the Sickbay set).
As to the reasons why the director & editor chose to use the flopped footage, I believe it was same reason as the "turbolift flashback" - they needed a shot they didn't have, and so re-used a scene from earlier in the episode. In the case of the corridor shot however, they had used the shot only a minute or so earlier - flopping the footage at least helped to make it look slightly different.

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Mytran wrote: View Post BOT: In the penultimate scene Kirk leaves the chapel through double doors, which appear to transform into a single doors prior to his final dutiful stride down the corridor.
Is has only gone unmentioned because I haven't dealt with Deck 6, yet. But "thanks" for reminding me of the dilemma.
Worse still, there' no way it can be the same corridor, let alone the same doors - here you can clearly see an A-frame (which is of course absent in the curving corridor)

(click for full size)

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