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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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in what way were the Son'a "out of control?" The first part of the movie showed them calmly and completely cooperating with Starfleet on the "duck blind" mission, a mission that required a lot of patience. Again, the Son'a ONLY retaliated in response to Picard's sabotage of the plan, they had been nothing but cooperative up to that point.

And Starfleet wasn't in the dark, Dougerty was an admiral who was acting on orders from the Federation Council itself.
For the first freaking hour of the movie the most villainous thing Ruafo did was bleed on Picard's carpet. It wasn't until Picard took off his pips and started openly screwing with them did he retaliate. Even then we was working with Dougherty by including him in the plans and asking his consent.
Asking his consent to kill federation citizens for complaining to their government hence why Picard pointed out the Dougherty had probably stepped in it since their isn't any damned way to justify an unprovoked attack and yeas it was unprovoked becuase while Picard was playing insurgent Riker was leaving as per the orders from Admiral Dougherty.

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Actually, yes. At least they're free to try. And the Baku are free to try to stop them. This is a textbook internal affair. It has nothing to do with the Federation and they shouldn't be involved in the Baku/Sona internal issue. If the Sona come in and nuke the planet, oh well.

Don't make assumptions. I'm consistent and you have absolutely no reason to assume I will move goal posts, unless you can provide evidence that I've done so in the past. The Federation has no right to interfere with the Baku's sovereignty on that planet, and the Federation likewise has no right to interfere if the Sona mess with them either.

fair enough, so you're consistent. There are still a couple of issues:

1. if NO ONE considered it a Federation planet, why was the outpost there at all? Why didn't the Council just say to the Son'a "do whatever you want, it's not our planet anyway" when Ru'afo approached them with the deal? Obviously, the UFP and Son'a BOTH thought it was a Federation planet.
Becuase the federation observes pre-warp cultures all the time. Seriously there were episodes that covered this did you miss them or something.

um, no. Clearly you didn't understand my point-the outpost was about observing the village in order to carry out the relocation plan with the Son'a. If it wasn't a Federation planet, they wouldn't need to do that-the Son'a would have come in and just beamed them all up whenever they felt like it, or just came down there with guns and rounded them up.
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