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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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They are not a threat to everything. The Kazon were explicitly stated as not worthy of assimilation.

Where as the federation is seeing as they've tried to assimilate it multiple times
Guy Gardner made a very reasonable case for the Borg to not assimilate everything, which would easily explain why the Federation hasn't been assimilated,
Or other reasons like than the federation isn't advanced enough just yet, or the Borg don't want to invest a lot of resources taking and holding territory on the other side of the galaxy just yet and figure they'll get their eventually any way.

or why Janeway's lone ship may well not have been, they are not interesting enough.
Probably becuase they were busy at the time and afterwards the queen was just being nice to Seven

That still doesn't address the question of why the Borg are intrinsically deserving extinction.
The whole attempting to assimilate the federation, just becuase they aren't coming in force doesn't mean they aren't trying.

Why is it Ok, even laudable, to separate Seven,
1) Because otherwise they would have been assimilated, 2) They weren't going to let themselves be assimilated just to give her to the nearest Borg ship, 3) Janeway did say if she wanted to go back to the Borg after trying the individuality thing she would let her, its just that the two times she tried she was being called by her parent's wrecked ship and had kidnapped Tuvok who probably didn't want to be a Borg and was pretty much forced into doing it practically by the Borg Queen holding a gun to Voyager's crew's heads.

but not Neelix and Tuvok?
Simple Neelix and Tuvok had pretty much ceased to exist at that point and as such were pretty dead at the time.
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