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Re: Batman: Arkham 3

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If Arkham Origins is good, how would you all feel about the annualization of Arkham games? One year Rocksteady does one and the next year, WB Montreal does one?
I think that's a terrible idea and would lead to franchise fatigue and a cycle of endless factory-churned mediocrity, not unlike Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, etc.

Rocksteady spent three years putting together Arkham Asylum, and it began work on Arkham City before Asylum even wrapped. Those games were great because they started with a reason to make the game, that being a good story and a good core design, as opposed to just hitting a bi-annual deadline. If you were to turn Rocksteady (and, assuming Origins is any good, WB Montreal) into Batman factories, you'd see an exodus of talent and the games devolve into crap.
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