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Re: It begins: 19 Classic DVDs going out-of-print in R1.

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Thanks for posting the list. It prompted me to order a couple that I've been meaning to! Wanted to get them before the supply is gone!
I have everything that's been released before 2011. Economy sucked, prices rose, and I haven't bought as many since then. I have some, but am missing 14 of the released stories - most of them Third Doctor stories, which are absurdly over-priced.
Annoyingly, a number of the titles on this list are from 2011.

Curiously not on the list is The Beginning box set, which has also gone out of print. Perhaps they will be re-releasing it in November?
It has been re-released in smaller packaging; the box is clear instead of black.

I've picked up Terror of the Autons, Planet of the Spiders, Black Orchid, and Battlefield. I think I'm gonna chance it and hold on most of the others, to see if we get season sets next year. Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric are also probably candidates for SE rereleases, considering how much picture quality has improved over the last several years.
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