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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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Lions are always a threat, too, we don't exterminate them.
Lions can exist without being a threat. If a lion is left in its natural habitat, it won't harm humans. The Borg are different. The Borg are incapable of being anything other than a threat. They are, in the most literal sense, incapable of DOING anything other than assimilating, stealing and destroying.

Why are the Borg intrinsically less deserving of survival than Tuvix?
Threats must be destroyed. A captain has the near-absolute right to neutralize a threat to ship and crew. If this can be done like it was with Seven and Hugh - separating them from the Collective without killing them - then fine. But when confronted by an entire Cube, the alternative is obvious: destroy it by any means necessary. None of this applies to Tuvix, because he could have existed just fine as a normal crewmember without ever being a threat to anyone.
They are not a threat to everything. The Kazon were explicitly stated as not worthy of assimilation. Guy Gardner made a very reasonable case for the Borg to not assimilate everything, which would easily explain why the Federation hasn't been assimilated, or why Janeway's lone ship may well not have been, they are not interesting enough. That still doesn't address the question of why the Borg are intrinsically deserving extinction. Why is it Ok, even laudable, to separate Seven, but not Neelix and Tuvok?
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