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Re: Star Trek: Renegades - an almost Voyager movie?

Hey guys, where Voyager is concerned there will be a direction continuation of 3 characters: Tuvok, Kim and Icheb you will learn what has happened in there lives over the past decade, somethings will surprise you. Ethan does play a new character called Fixer, and Robert Picardo will play Doc Zimmerman who will use his expertise in holography to help the team.

We are going to be shooting in a couple months at a studio in LA and we are building some sets and will use those in conjunction with green screen.

Unlike Of Gods and Men (shot almost 7 years ago, mind you), we have not one, but 3 different visual effects companies working on this project. The VFX will be light years beyond STOGAM, Some of the pre-production work has been breathtaking. Costume and make-up designs have also been incredible.

Our primary crew has now over 30 talented individuals with many more that will join us to help with the shoot. This project has gained an incredible amount momentum since it was greenlighted it last summer.

I would only ask everyone not to base your opinions on STOGAM, this project has it's own identity and has incorporated more talent and funding then STOGAM. Our goal is to have this out by mid 2014 and so far we are on track for that.

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