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probably the paper model that took the longest to finish EVER

The older fans here remember the good old times when there was no internet, no personal computers and drawing software, among other fine things. Back in the mid 1980's some photocopied fanzine around here sold a photocopied paper model of the Enterprise.

I, 14 or 15 years old, bought a copy and obviously it was hand drawn with a straightedge+compass. And I never finished it.

In the 21st century I found (in the proverbial parent's basement ) the yellowed remains of that almost 30-year old project which somehow escaped the trash bin: a warped primary hull, two nacelles and some more cut parts.

As you already guessed, I decided to finish it just because. I know it's not beautiful nor accurate nor well put together and there are much better models around nowadays, but this one is historic (for me) and I thought I'd share:

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