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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

Intriguing. There are a lot of assumptions and complaints being (sometimes angrily) thrown about regarding this ship:
  • That it's stealthy: Is it really based on some kind of new stealth technology? What evidence is there for this assertion?
  • That it's "painted" a dark color: Some have said that it would be a waste of time and materials to paint something that large, and that such a paint job would be in violation of some established Starfleet color palette. If the first assertion of "stealth" is correct, then is it not possible that the standard duranium hull is coated with some kind of engineered polymer that would provide it with stealth capabilities? Even more possible, the hull plating might be made from a different kind of experimental material entirely, other than duranium, that happens to be a naturally darker color - no painting necessary. And is this the only reason why people think it's "stealthy" (see assumption #1)? Are ships in this timeline even still using duranium?
  • It's from Section 31: Says who? While I wouldn't mind a Section 31 involvement, as its foundation canonically happened before the timeline split, I have heard of no official statement that Section 31 is, in fact, involved.
  • That it's Starfleet: People are complaining about the name Vengeance not "being very Starfleet", nor is its overall aggressive design. We don't even know if Starfleet (or Section 31) was even involved in the construction of this vessel. Some have suggested that there was some possible Klingon involvement in its design and construction. I believe this to be highly likely due to the obvious known involvement of Klingons in the movie. Others have speculated that this might be something taken from the Mirror Universe. While I'm thinking the latter supposition is less likely, it still wouldn't be terribly problematic if its existence is properly explained.
  • It doesn't have a registry number on the hull: Some submarines in the American navy (and I'm sure others) don't always have registry numbers painted on their sails, intentionally, to prevent them from being identified by prying eyes during a sensitive assignment. Could not Starfleet embrace a similar policy towards their own vessels? It would tie in to the "Section 31" involvement of a covert and "stealthy" nature.
In short, let's just wait and see what happens, shall we?
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