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Re: Drex Files is gone!

Well, this is a huge, shocking blow to the Trek community! At the very least, it is for me.

A huge travesty, like when Star Trek Australia and Trekmania went down, and comparable in magnitude to if or were to go down (Lord forbid, of course). Same thing would go for Eaves's blog.

The amount of content on that blog was so massive, you could spend a whole day looking through the site, and not have scratched the surface of the content it had.

And if the artist feel that they need to take proper credit for their artwork, then they can take it upon themselves post their respective works, if they don't feel comfortable about letting anyone else do it! Everyone of them, and every single concept sketch and render that was available, as opposed to leaving it in the dark for no-one to view, like before Drexler posted them!!

I hope that at the very least, Drexler will at least make a site to host all of his own work, so that isn't lost. That would be within his rights.
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