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Re: Why did Trip have to die in the final episode?

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S4 should come with a warning: If you want to end this series on a high note, please avoid "These Are The Voyages". Thank you.
You know, I agree with those who say that spoilers, even for this 8 year old stinker, should not be in thread titles, but if I knew someone who was watching the show for the first time, I would tell them, "look, I got a spoiler you need to know about BEFORE you finish the series".

TaTV spoilers were first dropped on the internet several weeks before the episode aired right here in this forum. To this day I still thank Quills for that favor. Because if I'd watched that episode thinking it was going to be a continuation of the greatness I'd seen starting with season 3, I'd have been ready to put my foot through the screen and would have missed the only good thing about TaTV.

I actually envy those who have never watched it and advise anyone who loves the show to just skip it, especially Trip fans.
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