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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I thought 'A Call to Arms' was very good. It's easily my fav of all the movies.

I also love the music, which carried over to Crusade. it's progressive jazz, so i can understand if it's not everyones cup of tea. I think the music would have gotten better and better as the series progressed. People seem to forget that Christopher Franke's music during the first season and a half of B5 was fucking horrid, and he improved dramatically as time went on.

i've said this many times before, but in my opinion, the first 13 episodes of Crusade and 'A Call to Arms' absolutely shit all over the first 13 eps of B5 and 'The Gathering'. I would have loved to see how things would have gone in the 2nd half of season 1 and into season 2.
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