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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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Both are, but the former is even more annoying than the latter, because at least the latter have the knowledge of great TV of the present and can watch them. The former just wants to stay stuck in the past, because many of them have no idea how to exist in the present or deal with the future, and so hate any new original movie/TV show/comic book while detesting any remakes or continuations of older material and franchises. A lot of them deserve to be sent back in time, to be quite frank, except for the fact that they wouldn't survive one hour before wanting what exists here in the present.
Ah, but the younger ones are sometimes willfully ignorant of the classics of the past--and don't care to learn anything about them, because all that old stuff is dated and corny and cheesy anyway. So they dismiss entire decades of TV history as being beneath their interest--and miss out on lots of great stuff while practically bragging about their ignorance of the past.

Just wait until you're older and some kid tells you that "Throne of Games" couldn't possibly have been any good 'cause nobody his age has ever heard of it.

(Trust me, I've been there.)
Yea, like all those show runners of the various star Trek incarnations. Trek started off as a procedural and then gradually became all things to all people. I could see a Trek with one Human Captain with an all alien crew. I think that would be interesting.

Come to think of it Farscape and Buck Rogers were very similar, weren't they? And even Andromeda except he (Kevin Sorbo),Dylan Hunt wasn't the only human.
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