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Re: Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath

I've re-read all 4 Marshak and Culbreath novels within the past 12 months after originally reading them in the 1980s - there were some interesting basic ideas in them, but man were they buried under a mountain of bad writing. I personally just loathe the K/S stuff to begin with, and there were just pages after pages after pages of boring conversations that were just mind-numbing to read. Plus, Omne was such a ridiculously cartoonish overpowered villain - I kept expecting to find that he needed to consume the life energies of various planets for sustenance. There has only been one Treklit novel that I just couldn't make myself finish (Pawns and Symbols), but those books came close.

I do maintain, though, that there were the kernels of good stories in their basic concept - A better writer could probably do quite a bit with them.
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