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Well, if the "Magic Blood" plot device rumor is true, then I have some cause to be a bit set aside, but other than that, I'm going. That sounds like something Damon Lindelof would do.
Meh. No different than Spock being reborn on the Genesis planet; or an entire Genesis device creating life out of nothing; or the spores in "This Side of Paradise" providing perfect health; or Nomad bringing Scotty back to life; or the Ba'ku's planet's ability to stop aging.

And of course, there's the amazing red matter.

Genetically enhanced blood having restorative properties is actually a little bit more believable and truer to real science fiction than the stuff mentioned above. Also, and I'll put this part in spoilers just in case,

Edited to add:

Great point about the foreshadowing. You're quite right that JJ set up Khan's Miracle Blood as being able to work wonders at the beginning of the film.

I'm sort of spooked by what happened in Phantom Menace, when mitochondria came out of nowhere.
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