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Re: Why was Worf's klingon girlfriend pretty?

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Technically it's an accurate term. Kheylar was the only Klingon(or part Klingon) he was ever with, and she refused the whole oath thing only to have Worf refuse it once she got over her cold feet. The only reason Worf even bothered acknowledging that they had mated was so he could kill Duras, otherwise he wouldn't have.

So if not girlfriend, what else would you call her? Friend with benefits? Enemy with benefits?
That whole mate/marriage thing confused the eff out of me.

At the time, I was under the impression that Worf was saying "We had sex, we have to get married. Just howl these few words and we'll be married."

Then when he killed Duras, I thought that she had acquiesced offscreen and according to Klingons, they were married.

Of course later, we see Klingons also have huge elaborate ceremonies such as...well...everyone in Star Trek.

Speaking of which...I'm pretty sure Captains shouldn't be able to ORDER their crew to get naked at weddings.
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