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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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^I'd ditch the crumbs and cook it in olive oil rather than butter. It'd still be pretty fatty, but healthier, and served with something light like roasted veggies or a salad and some white fish it would be delicious!

If you really want to go healthy, butter should be an occasional treat. If you must use a fat to cook in, as opposed to baking or roasting, olive oil is a much healthier choice.

There's a similar Ojibwe dish my mom makes. It's basically the same thing but with grated zucchini and carrot in the parsnip cakes and then grilled in olive oil.
Right, I use olive oil already. The Ojibwe version sounds better than the websites.
I like digging holes! Which turns out is quite helpful for things like Aquaponics and Home-building.
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