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Here's the thing: Abrams and his gang of writers made this movie for the mass audience, not for us. In doing so, they decided to retell the Khan story.

Every fanboi I've seen is upset. Abrams & Co. don't give a shit that you're upset. They wanted to use Khan and they cast Cumby because he guarantees good gate.

So cut the crap. This is about money and Paramount making a return on their investment in Bad Robot. Enough of the Sheeple will see this film and it will work for them for Paramount to greenlight a third film with Cumby back as the Khanster.
You know? I have to agree. And it's made even more brutally opportunistic by the fact that they didn't kill Cumberbatch's Khan. Wonder what K&O are planning for the next one.

Listen, I want to see this movie badly. And I'm sure I'll enjoy it. More than that, I want my dad (who's all of 86 and a Trek fan for a long time and with whom I have the deepest Trekkie connection in my life) to enjoy it like he enjoyed ST09. If that happens, I'm okay.

But for the next movie, I want K&O ko-d. I want other writers.
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