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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

I thought the Brenda breakdown was pretty weak. I laughed at her auction failures.

Malcolm getting voted out was the least interesting outcome for tribal, and puts the game on a boring track... though they are teasing some dissent in the alliance for next week so who knows.

Cochrane is veering off into reallyannoyingsville with all the cockiness.

On the one had players are getting a little better with the auctions, willing to plunk down the full 500 on what they want, or in one case bidding on the full pizza which wasn't even really up for auction. That was good... but I was a bit shocked that still in this day and age nobody takes one for the alliance to take the immunity clue at a full 500. In the end it didn't mean anything since Malcolm got owned by Andrea but still.

I don't like the "here's an awesome pasta plate that you can't have because you're dead if you don't take the food for the whole tribe" thing though.
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