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I have to say that the 'magic blood' combined with the uber-star destroyer Vengeance has me a bit concerned. But like anything else it'll all be in the execution.
Magic blood is indeed weird but remember that we all accepted that Spocks dead body was shot in a torpedo tube into the surface of genesis and then regenerated itself into a baby then a child then back to an adult of the exact same age Spock used to be all in the space of a day or two.. Co-incidentally the planet destroyed itself in the exact same time span and co-incidentally the enterprise turned up at just the right time after being on a long journey home for weeks. A few hours later and they would've turned up at a pile of rubble where a planet used to be.. Yet magic blood is somehow a no no. And that's only TSFS. There is 750 episodes and movies of these weird things !

Trek is very strange really...

The issues I have are the switcharoo, what Spock shouts and the fact they are retreading old ground. I have no doubt that I will enjoy this movie when all is said and done. Spoilers laid out on a page can be a bitter pill to swallow when you don't actually see the movie !

I am contradicting myself a lot in this thread when I think about it. Clearly reading the spoilers was a bad idea ! Just show me the movie already.
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