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Re: Do we want to know the Doctor's secret?

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Two sides of the same coin. RTD came up with better stories, but Moffat writes better characters.
I think when it comes to storytelling, RTD is actually one of the weakest New Who writers. With the notable exception of Smith & Jones, all his stories end with a deus ex machina. It gets really old on a marathon.

Everybody (Rightfully!) bitches about his finales but The Christmas Invasion has one of his most baffling deus ex machinas. The Doctor pushes a button which just... makes a random bit of platform disappear, killing the Sycorax leader. No attempt is made to explain this at all.

RTD had some good ideas but his obsession with fame, modern day London and the media means his work has dated very badly, with the exception of Smith and Jones, Gridlock, Midnight, Turn Left and Waters of Mars.
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