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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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I'll second Miss Chicken re SparkRecipes and teacake re a slow cooker. I swear by both.

This week, we are having chicken soup for dinner. I swear these are the ingredients - a package (maybe 2 lbs.?) of boneless chicken thighs, cut into strips; a whole celery, cubed; a small bag of baby carrots; 2 small packets of low-salt chicken broth (be careful with these as they are often salty; we get a kind called Pacific Natural. Pritikin is also low salt, or you can just go with water and maybe a tablespoon of salt but no more); 2 large white onions, cubed small; and water to fill whatever room remains in the slow cooker.

Cook on high for 4 hours.

In the bowl, add maybe a quarter of a cup of cooked starch of some sort. This week, we're using quinoa as we had extra around that we'd frozen. Bulgur, pasta, matzoh, matzoh balls, potato - any of that is fine; then add the soup and, if it's out of the fridge, nuke it on high for maybe a total of 2 1/2 minutes.

With a modest-sized Greek salad (light on the feta), about a quarter cup of fresh fruit and a cup of milk, a tablespoon of homemade no salt guacamole, 2 rice cakes and a pair of Laughing Cow cheese wedges, that's dinner for me.

According to SparkPeople, it works out to -
632 calories
65 grams of carbs
24 grams of fat
47 grams of protein
657.6 milligrams of sodium

It is freakin' enormous, I do not feel deprived and I love it.

I have also lost over 100 pounds since 1997 and kept it off, and I run a dozen 5Ks every year.
Thanks for the recipes. I've never tried a Greek salad I don't believe. The soup sound delicious.

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If you're dying for a creamy sauce, though, a healthy alternative is pureed cauliflower. It really does have a very thick, creamy consistency, and with a few spices makes a great sauce for chicken or pasta. Or you can just puree it with some cottage cheese, fresh basil and pepper and eat it with a spoon. YUM!
Thanks, never saw this on all the websites I visited. I will definitely have to keep this in mind. I had no idea you could make creamy sauce from pureed cauliflower.
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