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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Posted by kipron:
I made a music video once, called 'Auburn Goddess.' It showed the many facets of Janeway and her journey, to the tune of 'I'm a bitch.' Hopefully it will reappear on TrekPulse when their 'Fan Base' sections go back on line.

It's funny...I've been a fan of many TV shows and films over the years, but Voyager was the only one that compelled to create a music video. Even now, Voyager means a lot to me.
Kipron - I spoke to you once on about this.

I was one of the ones who absoltuely adored your video! To everyone - it is seriously one of the BEST Janeway videos I've seen! We chatted about it for months on our msg boards! It turned me into a Janewayite!!

Once again, well done!
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