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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I was asking which episode you consider to be the first Borg Episode?
The Neutral Zone or Q Who?
I think they were still trying to figure out who or what the Borg were by the time of "The Neutral Zone". Apparently the little animated creatures we saw with Remmick were supposed to become the Borg, but the technical difficulties were enough they were turned into humanoids. The scooped out outposts were written while the insectoids were still around.

So I'll have to consider "Q Who" the first Borg episode, as it was the first to mention them by name, but referenced the destroyed outposts retroactively making it become Borg continuity.

Of course if we figure in ENT's "Regeneration", then that might be considered the first Borg episode.
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