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Re: Regenerations DVD Box Set

Oh maaaaaaaaan....I already have three of these stories and yet I still want this set. Such a pretty-looking book. And it's a fantastic deal if you don't have many of these, yet.

Sucks that Colin gets the short end of the stick, but there wasn't much choice here unless you wanted to include The Twin Dilemma, and that would probably do more harm than good. If Big Finish had a regeneration story, that would have made a good extra disc.

I'm wondering how they're going to get all of these stories onto six DVDs without major compression artifacts. Best guess, which leaves artifacts on some discs:

1 - The Tenth Planet/The War Games 1-2
2 - The War Games 3-10
3 - Planet of the Spiders
4 - Logopolis/The Caves of Androzani
5 - Time and the Rani/TV Movie
6 - Bad Wolf/The Parting of the ways/The End of Time
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