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Re: Why is the Federation so dumb?

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THIS. I'm tired of the Federation learning of a threat and then doing nothing until it's too late. You know things are bad when the guys who created a bioweapon to genocide an entire species in charge of an interstellar empire are the most competent, logical, and clearminded people working for the good guys.
That's the first time I heard anybody refer to the criminals from Section 31 as competent, logical and clear-minded.
Really? There are actually a lot of jingoistic, proto-fascist types on the TrekBBS who attribute all sorts of virtues to Section 31.
Why is having a contingency in place for dealing with people who overtly stated their intent to take over the rest of the galaxy and impose their system of beliefs on people bad? For that matter, why does supporting pragmatism equal jingoism and facism? Especially when, in the context of Trek, Section 31's existence seems to be justified by the Federation's demonstrated incompetence and the fact that most of the galaxy seems to be populated by douchebags?

Also, ignoring the questionable TrekLit material (YMMV) does wonders for providing a more balanced view of Section 31.
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