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Re: They let me go....

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Thanks. How comforting. They tossed me aside after thirteen years of commitment and effort and good service as well as a wealth of experience and put in place a twenty-two year old without a quarter of that. They made such a move without bothering to ask whether I was willing to make a change within a new setup. Fuck 'em, and by them I mean those faceless higher-ups who have been displaying a recurring habit of stupid thinking for quite some time now.

Loyalty and fairness runs two ways.
This might sound silly, but I believe a company should be more than just a money factory for it's shareholders. Corporations become part of the community, they bring jobs, and opportunity. A person who works many years of their life to ensure the company makes a profit shouldn't simply be dropped after so long and told 'good luck, kid!' as if you have all the time in the world to start over.

Like you, I believe loyalty should be rewarded. Employees come cheap, but good employees are rare and should be treasured; and it seems the popular trend in any large business is to ignore that, and to treat employees like nameless, faceless, interchangeable parts.

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