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Re: It begins: 19 Classic DVDs going out-of-print in R1.

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Oh, he's not IN the show? I thought they were editing him out of the actual show. I thought I didn't remember Savile appearing in Doctor Who, but then I haven't seen all of the old ones by any means.

Carry on then.
While the Two Doctors was airing, there was a specially filmed skit in "Jim'll Fix It" ... A young boy named Gareth Jenkins was a huge fan of DW. His Nan made him a Sixth Doctor costume. Gareth wrote a letter to Jim asking to meet Colin Baker and go inside the Tardis.

They wrote a short skit where that happens ... Two Sontarans are trapped inside the Tardis. The Doctor uses a transporter (seriously) to beam up help from Earth. Who appears but Tegan* (which immediately makes this an awesome skit). Then a second person beams up - a "mini clone" named Gareth. The two adults bicker, Gareth presses a button and saves the day, then Jim enters the set and breaks down the fourth wall.

Gareth gets a "full functioning BBC Mezon gun" (not sure on the spelling), a medal of some sort, and we cut to commercial.

It's about six minutes long in total, and the skit is called "A Fix With Sontarans." It is probably up on youtube if you search for it.

* They wanted Peri, but Nicola Bryant was not available for filming, so the script was re-written for Tegan.
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