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Flake wrote: View Post
I think the blame for the fanwanky spoliers lies squarely with the scriptwriters.
Have you ever tried reducing ST III to a list of spoilers?

* McCoy has voices in his head and goes to the "Star Wars" Bar.

* A Klingon's girlfriend with huge breasts gets obliterated for reading his emails.

* Saavik now has permed hair, Vulcan eyebrows and differently coloured eyes.

* Spock is magically reborn - as a baby.

* Uhura locks a young man in a closet at phaser point.

* Scotty takes a few parts out of a starship and it goes putt, putt, putt, and stops dead in space.

* Young Spock ages in bursts, just like the planet - and will stop aging if only they can get him off the planet before it explodes.

* The scientist son Kirk only just met gets stabbed to death trying to save Saavik.

* The Enterprise explodes and streaks through the sky.

* Kirk changes his voice to get back aboard the Klingon vessel.

* Spock is magically returned to the same age he was when he died.

DarthTom wrote: View Post
Question to someone that saw the film: Is there an over use of Shakespeare quotes in the film? Are there any?

Hoping not?
Not that I recall.

section9 wrote: View Post
I'm actually one who thinks that the only problem with Cumberbatch as Khan is that he dominates the film so overwhelmingly that it becomes his showpiece, and not Pine's.
Not in the version I saw.
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