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Every fanboi I've seen is upset. Abrams & Co. don't give a shit that you're upset.
I'm a fanboi, I've seen it - and I'm not upset.

I was upset by ST V, and disappointed by "Generations" and "Nemesis". And much of "Voyager".

"Star Trek Into Darkness" was the most fun I've had in a cinema since... "Star Trek (2009)".
Well, if the "Magic Blood" plot device rumor is true, then I have some cause to be a bit set aside, but other than that, I'm going. That sounds like something Damon Lindelof would do.

There's this entire community of fanbois over at AICN who despise Abrams because of the plot holes in the 2009 film and can't abide what they are hearing about it now. They also remember what Lindelof did with Prometheus, so they are quick to jump on him. The Magic Blood thing is a bit off putting, imho.

But again, a lot of this is third hand fanboi posting from people who haven't seen the movie (like me) going off the rails.
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