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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Screw redemption.

I want more Baron Zemo.


Give me a remake of Super-Villian Team-Up focussing on Zemo falling into a series of pissing contests with all the big bads from 616.

How the hell is dark Avengers keeping it's head above water?

The stories are nice, but this one about the super ghettos in conflict and the one before that where 2000 AD should have sued, both lasted at least 3 times longer than they should have... Although awakening Thor's genetic memories in Ragnorok (Clor who killed Black Giantman.... That's so easily muddled into a super hero called "Giant Black Man" that it can't have been his name... Oh... Black Goliath.) is an interesting development.

How well would a comic called "Giant Black Man" sell?
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