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Re: Aurora in the northern USA

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Ive had bad luck with the last few meteor showers and this as well...which saddens me because my stepdaughter has taken an interest in astronomy and celestial happenings.
That's the US north-east coast. I'm in Massachusetts, and if there is anything cool going on in the sky, it will be overcast at least. Space probes and telescopes are now providing the most amazing views, yet there is still something magical about seeing planets and nebulae "live" through a backyard telescope. You need to find a "star party."

You probably know of the free, multi-platform space simulator Celestia. While it is not inherently designed for education, like many commercial variants, the Celestia Motherlode includes educational add-ons.

Yes, Ive been to the local astronomy club meetings before as well as the local college viewings, thought its been some time since I have. I wanted to take my stepdaughter to the observatory, only to find that its been closed to the public for a few years.

Hale-Bopp was one of my favorite viewings with the club:

I've used Celestia before though I plan on buying a new telescope with a drive and planetarium software of it's own.
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