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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix


I was asking which episode you consider to be the first Borg Episode?

The Neutral Zone or Q Who?

Atkin, the Borg has assimilated hundreds of Starfleet vessels, and dozens of neutral Zone outposts, & they had downloaded detailed databases and copied the minds and souls of MANY Starfleet Captains.

Been there, done that.

One person is not a civilization, and neither is one Starship.

Do you remember what Janeway's plan was before she teamed up with Borg to stop 8472?

To slink through Borg Space for 10 YEARS and hope that the Collective didn't notice her.

Either I'm right, and slinking is a possibility or Janeway was in some serious denial about how the next decade of her life wasn't going to be spent mostly as a Borg Drone.

The Borg let armed commandos wander through their ships who are up to nary no good.

Have you every tried to pick a fight with a hippy?

Too stoned to give a crap?
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