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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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Having been a writer and author for much of my life, as well as a substitute English teacher, the devolution of the English language is a pet peeve of mine. Much of this phenomenon comes from a lack of proper education and laziness.

I was taught to speak and write proper English aka "the King's English". Ebonics, street slang and such are abhorrent to me.
Wow. You do know that Ebonics is a dialect, and not slang, don't you? It has a consistent grammatical structure similar to West African Languages and is, in every respect, equal to Standard English as a language. In fact, in many regards, AAVE (African American Vernacular English, the technical name for Ebonics), is more efficient than Standard English, and more "evolved", at least in the sense that it's grammatical structure has greater complexity, clarity, and utility than does that of Standard English.

As for the "devolution" of the language, your complaint seems to be over a matter of taste (you find AAVE and slang distasteful, it seems), not language. Unless you can actually define this apparent devolution without relying on opinion -- can you do that?

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