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It begins: 19 Classic DVDs going out-of-print in R1.

Per Steve Manfred's website, BBC Worldwide has decided that 19 current DVDs will not be reprinted when stocks are exhausted:

First Doctor
The Rescue/The Romans
The Web Planet
The Time Meddler
The Gunfighters

Second Doctor
The Invasion
The War Games

Third Doctor
Terror of the Autons
The Time Monster
Planet of the Spiders

Fifth Doctor
Black Orchid
The Awakening
Planet of Fire

Sixth Doctor
The Mark of the Rani
The Two Doctors*

Seventh Doctor
Ghost Light
The Curse of Fenric

*Apparently The Two Doctors is a special case; BBCWA confirmed that it will reprint this eventually, but only once a new version is issued which excludes the material with Jimmy Saville. (Steve didn't post this on the website; only over on Gallifrey Base.) The Two Doctors is also the only one of these which appears to have been deleted in the UK as well.

The Two Doctors and Battlefield are already gone, it seems; they're going for crazy prices on Amazon and WhoNA has no more in stock. (Though I managed to find Battlefield for MSRP at a local Barnes & Noble last night. ) But as one of those who is just now starting to collect the DVDs, this doesn't look good for the future of the range over here.

Some of the deletions make sense, especially if season sets are coming soon: Seasons 2, 21, and 26 are all heavily hit. But others make no sense - Terror of the Autons and Planet of the Spiders are both very recent releases. I suppose discontinuing the DVDs in R1 was inevitable, but here's hoping it's not a very fast process.
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