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I don't understand how you folks can say this and at the same time like [ ? ] Nemesis, Insurrection, Generations or the The Final Frontier which were all terrible films, poorly written and conceived. Shit, they weren't even entertaining.

I'm curious - what was the last well written Trek film in your opinion because it hopefully wasn't any of those?
TFF and NEM were both exceedingly dumb - at least as dumb as Trek09, if not more. (The other two you mention were dumb-ish, but in a way that could be ... suppressed or endured.) However, we had non-dumb Trek on TV when they hit theatres. I can go to McDonalds's once a month when I get to eat home-cooked food the rest of the time.

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
Some oldWho fans do. They'd take issue just as fervently with the notion that nuWho is "the right way to revive a franchise" as a few trekkies do with the Abrams version of Trek.

Some folks just want mom's macaroni and cheese.
Yes, and I love both old and new Who. I may love Hartnell and Tom Baker a little more than all the others, but everybody has favorites.

Doesn't that kind of prove that I'm pro-change? My dislike of JJTrek doesn't mean I want franchises to stagnate. Go with the flow, but have faith in the audience's intelligence.
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