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Because the main thing that matters and determines if a film is good or the box office?
"Successful or unsuccessful." You can call anything you like "good" or "bad."

There aren't enough determined complainers to matter, as has already been demonstrated. The number of fans who are angry enough to stay away is miniscule, a drop in the bucket.

And most of them amble in to complain a week or two after the premiere, insisting that they somehow "saw the movie for free so Abrams and Paramount don't get any of my money," which is pretty much bullshit. So, again, who cares?
Be honest - are you genuinely not a little tired that the Star Trek films keeps borrowing so heavily from Wrath of Khan? I quite liked the first JJ Abrams film, and I expect I'll enjoy large parts of this new one - but I'm sick to death of everything being a rehash. I know there aren't many original ideas left in Hollywood but Star Trek film writers don't seem to even try these days
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