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Wow!! After thirteen years they let me and Cipra (another fella in my department), both full-timers, go from Future Shop. It at least puts to rest any thought of maybe having done something wrong. But some serious realignments in the company have cost us our jobs.! I wish them luck in maintaining staff morale and filling our shoes. Now I gotta figure out what I'm going to do.

I went in like usual and began my routine. Then the GM ducked his head in and asked to see me. He said he needed me for something. When I get into the office my antenna was up and I sensed something was amiss. All he'd say was that the company was making changes and my services were no longer required. I learned later that a couple of others were let go as well.

A beautiful sunny day and what a way to start it. At least my (former) GM had the decency to look genuinely upset about it. He took pains to assure me it had nothing to do with my performance or anything else related to my service, that it was just a business decision made from above and out of his hands. He tried to reassure me that he considered me a friend and one of his very best workers, but there was nothing he could do.

Great news coming on the heels of learning my father has esophagus cancer and what he is facing in the coming months.
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Thanks. How comforting. They tossed me aside after thirteen years of commitment and effort and good service as well as a wealth of experience and put in place a twenty-two year old without a quarter of that. They made such a move without bothering to ask whether I was willing to make a change within a new setup. Fuck 'em, and by them I mean those faceless higher-ups who have been displaying a recurring habit of stupid thinking for quite some time now.

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