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Now, really, suspecting a depression behind the luxury to stay in bed 24 hours really goes a bit too far.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping and doing nothing. There are a gazillion of more likely and completely non-depressive reasons for a serious craving for sleep and quiet, such as (incomplete list) :

a) having a baby or teenager or several thereof
b) your neighbours having babies or teenagers
c) loud neighbours
d) working fulltime or even overtime
e) getting on in years / being no teenager anymore
f) having a very active SO ("hey, you, rise and shine, it's already 4 am!! Let's go jogging" Arrgh!)
g) liking peace and quiet and taking things a bit slow
h) simply enjoying staying in bed for a change, particularly if...
i) ...the weather is bad
j) DST lag
k) spring fatigue
l) a deep love for comfort and the nice things in life
m) a new mattress / duvet / freshly washed bedlinnen (smells so good, particularly if dried outdoors!)
n) not having any urgent reason to get up (apart from a full bladder, perhaps)
o) having a really interesting book
p) getting advance sleep for a night of stargazing (yesterday were the Lyrids, a very nice annual meteorite rain with about 20 very bright and long-tailed ones per hour)
q) getting advance sleep for a TV night
r) for once escaping the everyday hectic
s) having the house/flat all to yourself for a day
t) and other reasons galore, all of them very normal and sane.

Come on, have you really never simply stayed in bed all day? Give it a try, guys - it's fun!!
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