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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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I decided to just return the game since it wouldn't run on my PS3. I then got it via steam, onto my laptop. Running great. Could anyone give me a quick control layout, if you have it for PS3? I have a PS3-styled controller and was hoping to set it to those specifications.
Do you have Pinnacle profiler? I've got a profile that needs a few tweaks because of my controller (that has chatpad plus mouse buttons), but you should be able to use it.
nope, I have the logitec controller, that has same layout as the PS3 controller.
Well, I'd try to play the game first and see if the game detects it as an Xbox controller. In that case, you won't need something like Pinnacle; if not, Pinnacle might be the only way to get it to work in the game.
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