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Re: Visiting San Francisco

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Fantastic, thanks . Today I did the bridge (sunny weather but bloody windy and cold haha!). Pottered around town a bit. Had dinner at Blondies Pizza in Berkeley as suggested above, fabulous! I'll post some pix when I get home. The public transport is great, the buses (muni) are fantastic. Only problem is fares across a day can add up a bit, compared to home, but not complaining. The clipper card works well. Haven't made to many hard and fast plans but I'm buying three pairs of Converse because it appears they are half as much as in Australia!
Excellent! Glad you took my suggestion on Blondie's. That's a serious slice, eh?!

Yeah, it has been windy this week. That changes the feel of things a lot.

Enjoy, and keep us posted.
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