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Modern Doctor Who wasn't rebooted and is proud of its heritage and format. Don't even compare it to this hackish crap.

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Wish I hadn't read the spoilers - has put me right off seeing it
I'm glad the spoilers have put me off seeing it? Means I've saved a chunk of money and time.

A Wrath of Khan blockbuster pastiche set on Earth and featuring magic blood? The same basic format as the last 2 movies? How retarded do they think the audience is exactly?

Congratulations. In one post you stretched to both ends of your vocabularly by using "pastiche" and "retarded" just words apart.

The audience will be "retarded" (God, I hate that word) to the tune of $400 or $500 million, minus your $10 or $12.

How much more stupid is "magic blood" than having to believe in TMP that a race of super intelligent machines would be able to enhance a space probe like they did, but still not be smart enough clean it off enough and know that it's called Voyager and not V-ger? When Kirk earnestly cleared that grime away for the big reveal, I actually chuckled in the theater. Probably not the reaction they intended.
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