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Re: Shopping for healthier food. Need Help.

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What the hell was the "paleo" fad?
It's an exceptionally stupid fad diet called the Paleo Diet. Basically, some idiots picked an arbitrary point in the history of human evolution and decided that the way they imagined people ate back then is the way we are "meant" to eat. The diet itself is perfectly healthy -- your standard low carb, high in fruit and veg, no processed foods, no refined sugars and grains diet. But the reasoning, if one can call it that, is solidly idiotic, and its proponents are very preachy. Preachy and stupid.
I'm doing it, but not because I want to live like a caveman with an average life expectancy of a couple of minutes. It tastes really good. People tend to forget that for the entire length of human history, we didn't really crack living past the 50 year old mark until the last century. Watch "The Supersizers Go..." For a week they eat the diet of a Briton from different periods (Medieval, Restoration, Edwardian, etc). By the end of the week their livers are shot and their poop is passing raw fat because their pancreas has been blown out by the amount of meat they've been eating.

Wife and I have signed up for a couple of CSAs at the farmer's market and co-op. At this point I'm only eating grass-fed, wild-caught, or organic food.

Really coffee is the worst thing I partake in these days...that and the massive piles of cocaine.
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