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No different to the guy who has bent over backwards to blindly support any and every decision made by the Abrams regime? the guy who paraded round the forum with an avatar of JJ Abrams' face?

We like thinking. Deal with it.

I can't justify handing over my money. I'm broke enough as it is and the idea of my money going towards feeding Abrams' slimey face makes me feel physically ill. I assumed these spoilers were a joke when they first came out but they've now been confirmed by several sources.

Star Trek on film is fucking dead to me now. I'll be staying out of this section and focusing on Trek literature to take my minds off this jizz-covered shit. Anti-intellectualism is dangerous and entirely uncool.
This. +1.

I walked into theatre in 2009, and boy was I pumped! Every trailer, every announcement seemed to be just perfect. I was expecting to love this movie to death. It didn't occur for my one moment that I might not love it.

Cue to two hours later.

The design was great. So were the actors. Top-notch effects.

However, I still felt empty, because the writing was unbelievably, carelessly dumb. Broke the movie's back.
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