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Re: Sydney premiere of "Into Darkness"! (no spoilers)

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Wow. Were cameras allowed in the walk-through/carpet area?

The walk-through was deliberately made for photo ops. People were sitting in the brig, grinning and snapping away, then moving on to the next locale! The sets looked mighty solid for something so temporary. (And the projection of the bridge set photographed so well that it fooled many people who've written to me to ask, "They built the whole bridge?")

The Paramount organiser told me that they've come to realise that attendees of these events tend to Twitter and Facebook their pics immediately, so it becomes more publicity than they could ever hope to buy.

In 2009, fans and celebs attending the "Star Trek" premiere at the Sydney Opera House had to surrender their phones, so there was a long delay before their hastily-snapped red carpet pics started to show up online, not to mention the fuss after the event, with everyone reclaiming their devices from Security - and, of course, no one had pics of inside the screening venue or of anyone famous on the red carpet who entered after the main audience was seated. (Ditto the sneak preview of ST 2009 that I won tickets to, about a week before the public opening; we actually left our phones at home that night - and felt naked without them.)

The risk, of course, is that some idiot will try to pirate the whole movie and put it on Youtube, but it least they are an idiot who had to gamble on winning a free ticket first.
You know, of course ToA, that we are living vicariously through you during all this.
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