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Re: Star Trek Needs a Gay Character and Here’s How to Do It

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Mirror Kira was Bi-Sexual.
Sex for her was more about power and narcissism. Big difference to a character having a loving relationship with a person of the same sex.
Yes, she was all about power and narcissism, but she clearly enjoyed sex, with both men and women. She was definitely bisexual. She just wasn't one to committ to a relationship.

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Same here. IF there's to be a gay character in the next film, have a new character who is GLBT, and have it be referred to in an ordinary manner as mentioned before (said character kisses lover for a few minutes before heading to their duty station.) It would have to be a character who's in the movie a fair bit, and isn't killed off at the end.
Kissing for a few minutes?!? I don't want to see characters kissing for a few minutes in Star Trek, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. A few seconds of kissing is just fine and dandy with me.
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