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Doctor Who? Really?

The percentage of oldWho fans who consider the franchise to have been "Ruined Forever!" by Davies is at least as great as the percentage of trekkies who kvetch about nuTrek. Simply because you approve of one and not the other doesn't make one better or the changes more or less acceptable to long-time admirers.

The differences in scale, required resources and money between getting nuWho back on British TV and what's required to make Trek commercially viable for Paramount in America and (more importantly now) around the world mean that they won't be looking to the BBC for inspiration any time soon.

Declaring oneself to be for or against change is about as useful as coming down against or in favor of gravity - it's not like one gets a vote that matters. oldTrek ended because it failed, and it was never coming back in the form that trekkies were used to. The studio and Abrams have managed to relaunch a new version that attracts a greater audience successfully while bringing along the vast majority of folks who enjoyed the previous version. This is a good thing - period, full stop.
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